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AirSpade device services

The Air spade device is used to perform various types of tasks wherever there are elements underground that can be easily damaged by traditional digging tools.

Air spade is used to perform precise earthworks using compressed air at a pressure of 7 bar.  It loosens and blows the soil between even the tiniest roots of trees, thus not damaging them. At the same time, it allows you to perform earthworks near various types of hidden installations.  

We mainly use AirSpade to loosen the soil wherever it has been compacted by the movement of cars or other heavy equipment. 

Work is also carried out in the field of soil replacement or aeration of the root zone.

Air spade also allows for multi-point fertilization of large trees. This procedure is as important as soil replacement or loosening it after the investment process.  

If we don't need to exercise  deep trench. Air spade is perfect for laying garden or park installations near large trees.

AirSpade will work wherever we want to take care of the trees around us and at the same time perform specific works.

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