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Tree Removal

We cut down trees that are dangerous and those that grow in hard-to-reach places.



We carry out work in the field of tree felling throughout Poland.


Felling trees is a topic that everyone knows. However, when a problem tree appears, it turns out that not everyone can remove it.

What does problematic tree mean? It is a plant that often grows too close to the infrastructure, and its size and continuous penetration of the area lead to the destruction of the surrounding buildings, power lines or the bursting of foundations with the root system.

Trees that once pleased us often become a problem tree, but unfortunately, due to age or changes in the water management of the surroundings, the tree has died and begins to threaten the environment with falling branches or branches.  

Problem trees also include trees that were once drastically cut down, and in reaction to this, they released a lot of regenerative shoots, which, after a time without pruning, grew to a considerable size and, due to their weight, begin to break out. Such a tree very often has rotten roots and a rotten trunk.  


We remove trees using rope access techniques (often mistakenly called - climbing methods), and, if necessary, we remove the tree using a basket hoist or a crane.  

After the entire operation, if the client chooses this option, we clean up all the material obtained.

Every tree is different. Therefore, in order to evaluate them, we need at least a few photos from different sides of the tree and its surroundings. We can also come and personally evaluate such a tree (max. 30 km from Kluczbork). We carry out works throughout Poland, while free valuations after a field inspection are carried out only near our headquarters.

Our company has the necessary documents and specialists to perform services in the areas entered in the register of monuments and on natural monuments.
We conduct supervision in areas under the care of the conservator of monuments . We supervise works in the field of: design, tree care , installation of bindings , works in the field of veteranization of valuable trees, tree felling.


No matter what part of Poland you are from, we will be happy to help you with cutting down every tree!

If it is too far for us, we will recommend a company cooperating with us in a given region.

Write to us or call us: Contact

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