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Dendrological expertise, tree inventory, diagnostics

Big trees  it is an indispensable part of our landscape. Unfortunately due to intensively changing  environment or climatic conditions, trees become ill.  A sick tree can over time  become dangerous to the environment. Therefore, tree inspections should be performed regularly in public places where there is the greatest risk of an accident involving trees. Current science gives us a lot of instruments to determine the current state of a tree and predict what may happen with it in the future.  

Tree diagnostics allows for partial elimination of the risk of tree fall, breaking or discarding branches and limbs. After following the diagnostician's recommendations, being in the vicinity of the tree becomes safer.  

Diagnostic services are also often called dendrology services, but are not always provided by a "dendrologist".  

When should we order diagnostic services?  In a situation where we manage an area with a lot of large trees in the vicinity of communication routes opened for public use.

Our company provides services in the field of tree diagnostics  and stand inventory.  

We have the necessary documents and specialists to perform services in the areas entered in the register of monuments and natural monuments.

We conduct supervision in areas under the care of the conservator of monuments. We supervise works in the field of: design, tree care , installation of bindings , works in the field of veteranization of valuable trees, tree felling .

Do you have any questions? Do you want to commission us with a task to be performed?

Write to us, describe your situation and attach a few photos, and we will be happy to take up the challenge and price each service. contact

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