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Installation of flexible tree bindings

"Trees are the tallest living creatures that exist on earth, and their construction makes them particularly vulnerable to the effects of strong winds, which due to climate change, we have more and more in our geographical part. As there are no hundred percent methods of protection. trees in front of the greatest of atmospheric phenomena, and due to their mass, pose a threat to human property and life in urban areas, however, they are a very important part of the ecosystem for humans, providing oxygen, shade, microclimate, and also influencing physical and mental health.


Due to the specific, unnatural, urban environment in which the tree lives, it is exposed to greater damage to its endurance and condition. Branches are a part that is very exposed to fractures and fallout, and they are high above people's heads and it is difficult to see possible damage or diseases. On the other hand, excessive and inadequate pruning, often complete topping of a tree's crown, may lead to its rapid dying off or a change in its statics, leading to overturning in strong gusts of wind. It should be also noted that the most valuable human are fully developed and large trees, so keep them as long as possible and in the best possible condition is our common interest and our duty to future generations. "( SYSTEMS PROTECTION OF TREES CROWN -  GEFA FABRITZ )

Our company has the necessary documents and specialists to perform services in the areas entered in the register of monuments and natural monuments.

We conduct supervision in the areas covered by the care  conservator of monuments. We supervise works in the field of: design, tree care , installation of bindings, works in the field of veteranization of valuable trees, tree felling .

We recommend the installation of tree bindings to protect against breaking or falling of a broken limb or branch.

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