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Dendrological supervision


Dendrological supervision consists in controlling works on trees or works carried out in the immediate vicinity of trees in order to protect individual plants or the entire stand.

They can be:

  • Arboricultural works involving the care of trees in parks, squares, lawns and other types of urban greenery, including greenery entered in the register of monuments

  • Arboriculture works performed on trees, natural monuments

  • Construction works in the vicinity of nature monument trees

  • Works on the revitalization of parks.

  • Reconstruction of paths, electrical installations, small architecture in areas entered in the register of monuments.



Scope of dendrological supervision:

  • Assessment of the health condition of trees at each stage of investment / arboriculture / construction works

  • Quality control of arboriculture works performed on trees:

   - tree care

   - sanitary cuts of trees

   - installing elastic bindings on trees

   - tree felling

  • Control of works performed within the stand:

   - designating protection zones for trees

   - securing trees during all kinds of investments

   - works within the root zone, including works with airspade devices

  • Tree monitoring during the warranty period


We have all the necessary documents, education and professional experience that are required by conservators of monuments when working on areas entered in the register of monuments.

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